The Story Behind our logo and new name

It was not easy to go through the logo design process.  Looking at various choices forced me to answer some serious questions.  As a result, I received profound insights and made the change that I was not going to make until years later.  It became clear to me that the time to change is now.  Therefore, Reaching The Harmony Within has been renamed to Jiayuh Chyan which is my real name.  You can click on my name in blue to hear the pronunciation.

Do you know many Chinese names have a special meaning behind?  That is because Chinese integrate both meaning and pronunciation information in its characters.

Jiayuh Chyan is 錢家鈺 in Chinese.  家鈺 (Jiayuh) is my first name where家 (Jia) means home or family and 鈺 (Yuh) is a type of precious stone.  My name means treasure of the family!  My parents named me to express the joy I brought our family as an unexpected new addition!

Rosa was given to me at my Baptist in Taiwan by the Father at the Church who was an American.  I used it in college where the English teacher required everyone to have an American name.

I continued to use Rosa as an alias after I came to the U.S. because it made life easier.  I learned that after numerous times trying to spell out Jiayuh Chyan and the other person could not get the spelling right with my accent.  Not to mention saying it…  I felt frustrated by the struggle of both me and other people.  As hard as it is to admit, I was embarrassed by my own name… 

Introducing me as Rosa was an example of adjustments that I made to feel a little better fitting in a foreign environment.  Retrospectively, in trying so hard to feel belong; I have drifted away from where I came from.   

As I went through deeper and deeper shifts in the last 6 months, many limitations that I was not aware of consciously were revealed and then released.  I noticed that I am able to embrace who I am more with inner peace, not only in my personal life but my business as well.

I came to understand that as I continue to evolve, so will my business.  It will be all that I know integrating as one unique service representing who I am.  This new perspective a month ago ignited the concept of changing my business name to my name, which I thought I would do down the road when my business becomes well known.  That is not, however, what the universe has in mind!

For years, figuring out a logo for my business has been a daunting task.  I did not have a focus until two weeks ago I realized that I want to put my name 家 (Jia) (home) in a heart shape logo. Why?

Our heart is where our soul resides.

Our heart is the home for our soul.

Home is where Love is.

Home is where support is.

Home is where peace is.

My work is to help people connect with their heart and soul and to come home in a sense. 

Once I got that, I started working with a designer.  The designer did a great job but something just was not clicking with Reaching The Harmony Within being too long to fit in the graphics.  In the meantime, I was guided to change my business Facebook Page from a company to a person.  It felt so right to include my bio and personal story.

Getting confused by all the signs, I pondered whether I should change my business name to my name now?  But nobody knows who I am.  How would this help my business?  Besides, it is a lot of work to make the change.  Should I use Jiayuh Chyan or Rosa Chyan?What do I do with people who know me as Rosa for 28 years?

These were tough questions.  It felt as if I was having an identity crisis in some way.  Naturally I went to my Akashic Records for guidance.

Sure enough, my Records knew all about my struggles and shared with me some very valuable information.  Reaching The Harmony Within was the appropriate name during the last couple of years while I overcame many challenges that are instrumental milestones on my spiritual journey.  The most important part of my journey is that I am able to finally accept me as who I am and love myself unconditionally. 

My business will continue to help people reach harmony within. The spiritual truth behind changing my company name, however, is that I am no longer embarrassed by my own name or being who I am.  I no longer need to hide behind Rosa as a comfortable cushion.  I am strong and ready to live up to Jiayuh’s potential!  I am proud to honor my heritage.

Don’t worry about pronouncing Jiayuh Chyan perfectly.  The fact that you are willing to try means a lot to me already!  It will be my pleasure to teach you how to say my name and I look forward to it!