What is MultiDimensional Healing?

Over the years, healing sessions that Jiayuh provided have evolved beyond its original form she learned and become the unique Multidimensional Healing as her own spiritual development continues.

This is a unique method that came to Jiayuh. She has been drawn to give her work the name "Multidimensional Healing" since spring of 2016 without knowing that she has been doing this integrated work for a while.

In August 2016, she provided sessions at the Soul Light Expo and called it Multidimensional Healing publicly and officially for the first time. The feedback from clients confirmed for her the power of multidimensional healing through intention.

In Multidimensional Healing, Jiayuh no longer limits it to one modality or one specific outcome. Instead, she sets the intention of the session to be for the client's best and highest good. 

With a heart of being of services to people, Jiayuh connects with the Divine Source energy, tapes into universal group consciousness, holds the space, and allows whatever that the client needs to come through.

The Light, Frequency, and Information from the Arcturian Healing, InterGalactics Healing, Sacred Geometry, Universal Stars Healing, and the Akashic Records are all being transmitted in a session to provide clients healing that are customized for exactly what they need according to divine guidance.

Hundreds of Multidimensional Healing sessions that Jiayuh performed has facilitated profound healing and transformed the life of her clients’.

What can I expect in a session?

The transmission is done through intention hence hands-on touch is not required.

The session begins with Jiayuh connects with Divine Source energy and start transmitting the Light and Frequency with intention for whatever you need at the moment to move forward.

The Light Beings show Jiayuh what they are working on as well as causes behind the hurt, wound, or Karma. Jiayuh then describes what she has been shown to you. She does not interpret what it is but clients who received it commented on the profound meaning and healing to their individual situations.

The session could be rounds of silence, description, or breathing to integrate healing that has occurred.

All sessions are done remotely through Zoom video conference using the internet.

What are people saying?

Madelene from CT:

Let me start by just saying wow! The Universe divinely orchestrated our session together.

Jiayuh has such an incredible gift. I have never had such an experience as this one. I was absolutely transported into another dimension where my guides were there to work on me as Jiayuh held the space impeccably, allowing for this to occur.

Throughout the session she offered me information that was so incredibly helpful and so incredibly easy to understand.

I felt the presence of these beings and the physical sensation of the work they were doing.

Without offering the details of the information, I can say that it was right on!

I am still in a state of awe...

I highly recommend her and I will return to her for more healing work. I am so Grateful to her and so Grateful that we have met.

Thank you so much Jiayuh Chyan for your gift.