What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry naturally exists in the universe, all living beings, and human bioenergetics system.  Each one of us has it.

The sacred geometry in our energy field is referred to as Merkaba.  “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body.

It is formed by 2 pyramids upside down facing each other. When the sacred geometry is active, the two pyramids rotate opposite way. 

This energy field created from Merkaba extends around our body for a distance of 55 feet.

Benefits of Sacred Geometry activation

The Merkaba is a vehicle that connects us in the physical world to the Divine, the Source energy.

A properly functioning Merkaba field harmonizes our Body and Spirit with the Light.

It removes lower vibrational energy from our bioenergetics field.

It turns on our DNA to the full potential to heal our physical body.

It integrates the feminine and masculine aspects of our mind, body, and spirit.

It enables us to experience expanded awareness and connects us with higher consciousness.

It restores our access and memory of the infinite possibilities as a spiritual being.

It is a critical piece that propels our ascension process.

What is the prerequisite for Sacred Geometry activation?

The subtle body energy vibration needs to be at a higher level to activate Merkaba.

To prepare for the activation of Merkaba, a minimum of one Arcturian Healing session one week prior is required. Book your Arcturian Healing session here first. 

You must be at least 22 years old.  For best results, refrain from alcohol and any other non-prescribed mind altering substances 24 hours prior.

What can I expect from Sacred Geometry activation sessions?

This is a FIVE-PART weekly healing series over 5 consecutive weeks. Each session is 75 minutes with discussion, meditation and a 45 minutes transmission of Universal Stars Light and Frequency which activates and enhances your Merkaba.

The transmission will be run while in your Akashic Records. No experience in the Akashic Records necessary. 

Jiayuh’s spiritual practice has strengthened her connection with the Divine. With her star seed lineage, Jiayuh is gifted to transmit Universal Stars Light and Frequency to activate sacred geometry of star seeds and all. The transmission is done through intention hence hands-on touch is not required.

Everyone’s experience is different.  Most people reported that they felt a lot of releasing or energy shifting during and after the sessions.

All sessions are done remotely through Zoom video conference using the internet.

What are people saying?

Lynne from CT:

Jiayuh’s Sacred Geometry workshop was a rewarding and wonderful healing experience!  It helped me to shift my energy and raise my vibration in a way that was gentle and supportive. 

Her clear and forthright manner of teaching effectively helped each participant to understand the process and its effects.  I have more clarity and empowerment as a result.  I highly recommend Jiayuh - she is a clear Divine channel!

Chris from CT:

I did the four session sacred geometry class with Jiayuh and the biggest thing that surprised me was that each sessions experience was completely different. At various times during each session I experienced discomfort in a particular area of my body for a very short period of time, this was my body releasing and healing what I have been holding onto. Once it was cleared the area felt phenomenal. 

I also experienced clearing of my 3rd eye and ears, with the result of being able to hear and see more intuitively.  I felt, saw and heard many things during the sessions that did not always make sense at the time. However, at the end of each session, Jiayuh went through what she saw was going on with us and was spot on each time.

She is such a great facilitator, there is no feeling of being judged at anytime.  I always felt completely safe and able to speak about anything. 

I feel that I have raised my vibration significantly with these sessions and have many ah-ha moments.  It has helped me on my spiritual path. I do not feel stuck. I am sure of things in my life again. I highly recommend the sacred geometry.

Carrie from CT:

I attended a Sacred Geometry Healing Series with Jiayuh. I knew I was stuck and holding onto things that were no longer serving me – I had already experienced some healing sessions with Jiayuh but had never heard of Sacred Geometry prior to learning about Jiayuh’s healing practice. 

Those healing sessions helped me release a lot of thing and I knew there was more work to be done, I just didn’t know exactly what that work was. Jiayuh explained how the Sacred Geometry sessions would flow and led the group through the sessions with ease.

Throughout each of the 4 sessions, I felt relaxed and very safe. There were times my body twitched and involuntarily moved and I knew on a deep inner level that things were being released.

Each time the group shared their experiences, I felt so connected and safe that it was easy to share my experience with the group, although there was *never* any pressure to do so. After each session, I felt lighter, and more connected with the Divine.

Karen from CT:

I took an in depth class for Sacred Geometry Healing with Jiayuh in the month of June, 2016. The experience I had by partaking in this class was just amazing. It taught me how to reach my soul through meditation and then to utilize what I learned to better my everyday life.

One of the best aspects of this class was the ability to release parts of my life that are no longer for my highest and best.  I have never been able to release this before.

Jiayuh is a down to earth, calm and an extremely gifted teacher.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jiayuh to anyone who wants to further their knowledge as to what forces are out there.