Click    Jiayuh Chyan    to hear pronunciation   Jiayuh Chyan is 錢家鈺 in Chinese. 家鈺 (Jiayuh) is the first name; 家 (Jia) means home or family and 鈺 (Yuh) is a type of precious stone. Jiayuh means treasure of the family! Jiayuh’s parents named her to express the joy she brought to her family.

Click Jiayuh Chyan to hear pronunciation

Jiayuh Chyan is 錢家鈺 in Chinese. 家鈺 (Jiayuh) is the first name; 家 (Jia) means home or family and 鈺 (Yuh) is a type of precious stone. Jiayuh means treasure of the family! Jiayuh’s parents named her to express the joy she brought to her family.

About jiayuh Chyan

Jiayuh Chyan is an Akashic Records Teacher, Energy Healing Facilitator, and founder of Jiayuh Chyan. She is the award winning author of international bestseller Your Key to the Akashic Records.  Jiayuh holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics – Actuarial Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She worked as an actuary in her former career for two decades.

Jiayuh helps people who embark on a spiritual journey to connect with their inner wisdom and gain clarity so that they can empower themselves with spiritual truth, overcome challenges, make the best decisions to move forward in life, and fulfill their soul's highest potential.

She facilitates a unique Multidimensional Healing which combines Akashic Records, Arcturian Healing, InterGalactics Healing, Sacred Geometry, and Universal Stars Healing, to provide clients customized healing sessions that are exactly what they need right now according to divine guidance.

In these sessions, you are able to clear, connect, and balance your energy system and raise your vibration while receive insights and wisdom from the divine consciousness. Her clients often experienced sessions that resulted in permanent, life-changing transformation.

For thirteen years, Jiayuh has been helping people live a happier and more effective life.

With her guidance, her students are able to build a strong relationship with the Akashic Records, access it with confidence, and, with higher consciousness level, receive information that helps them navigate their own life as well as their clients’.

Her clients are able to discover the hidden truth behind issues in their lives, gain clarity and new perspectives, and make changes that bring them meanings and joy.

Jiayuh’s work with her own Records has supported her unlikely success every step of the way through crisis and milestones. Her Records were instrumental in helping her to make the right decision to leave corporate America and pursue her passion of helping people, develop her Akashic Records curriculum, realize the importance of reclaiming her birth name Jiayuh, function through the aftermath of her house fire, and fulfill her divine mission of writing "Your Key to the Akashic Records" to spread the Light.

In the chapter, “Putting Myself First,” Jiayuh wrote for “Essential Healing for Your Spirit and Soul” published by Natural Nutmeg Magazine, she shared her struggles while on her spiritual journey as a resource to help people navigate their lives.

Jiayuh has also written another chapter, "Finding Inner Peace with Sacred Geometry," for her second book collaboration, Recipes for Living HCC Editions, to teach people how to use Sacred Geometry as a meditation tool.

With the passion of building a holistic community, Jiayuh was also the New Haven Chapter president of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

What drew jiayuh to healing?

Jiayuh was born and raised in Taiwan with a strong influence from the Chinese culture of values and beliefs. In 1988, she came to the U.S. to attend graduate school. Her ex-husband turned her from a confident career woman into a timid prisoner over the course of 17 years.

Jiayuh finally found the courage to file for the divorce and follow through in 2005. She struggled with grieving for the child she lost through a miscarriage, the end of her marriage, and the guilt of not being there for her father’s funeral, all crushed her to her knees while she continued to manage every day tasks.

Her spiritual journey began when she started seeking help and answers prompted by a mix of devastation, skepticism and curiosity.  Her journey then became a total transformation of her entire being.

Blown away by her first energy therapy experience in March 2006, Jiayuh went to classes and started doing Healing Touch energy therapy on herself.  In spite of her analytical mind as an actuary, she soon realized that it helped her to manage stress levels and ease difficulties in life in a very profound way.  Then the healing began!

Over the decade, Jiayuh helped many people with what she had learned from various modalities.  Even so she still went through a period of disbelief and resistance of her gifts. Little by little, she learned to accept herself for exactly who she is and embrace her gifts from the Universe. Gradually, she learned to trust divine timing and allow things to unfold.

She founded her first company of “Reaching The Harmony Within” to share with people tools she has learned.  Finally she reached the clarity of her true passion and chose to retire from corporate America in July 2015. 

Jiayuh changed her company name to her real name "Jiayuh Chyan" in May 2016 to honor both her heritage and spiritual journey.