Little Joy in Life

Spirituality exists everywhere in our life. Enlightenment is often discovered while we do the things that we love the most.  Singing and cooking are the two things that always lift me up even in the darkest moments of my life. They are also my ways of expressing love.  When I sing I sing with my heart and soul. Every time I cook, I feel surrounded by my father’s love.

My first guitar was a gift from my older brother with his hard earned money working after school. Singing got me through tough adolescent period filled with low self-esteem that stemmed from being heavily overweight. To this day, singing with my guitar still makes me so happy even though I could not memorize cords and lyrics.

Cooking is therapeutic to me because it reminds me of how my dad used to cook us amazing meals. His voice of teaching us how to cut different ingredients, when to put what in the wok, how to taste the flavor, and most importantly his precious gift of love had all been safely stored in my heart through all those time I spent in the kitchen with him.

I am not good at big spiritual words or quotes from famous authors. I am, however, pretty good at cooking Chinese and singing.  Therefore, “Little Joy in Life!” is a new page on my website where I share with you simple things in my life that bring me joy.  I hope you enjoy it. Please share with me in the comment area what simple things in life bring you joy!