A Blessing in Disguise

The last couple of months have not been easy as every aspect of me has been tested. I have utilized all the tools that I know to help keep my footing as best as I can after my house fire.

One thing that has changed is that I no longer put knowing my purposes in life on the top of the list. I have learned that just live my life serves the highest purpose of my life. I am satisfied with just making sure that I am on the right track in my life without knowing the outcome.

The capacity of living my life by leaps and bounds certainly has increased.  I have a feeling that the universe started my training of living on earth in chaos. The house fire was just the beginning so that I can learn to function and remain anchored regardless of where I am physically. This thought came to me during the 5 weeks of the hotel stay and then moved into the rental property.

A couple of Facebook LIVE broadcasts were created as my way of sharing lessons I learned with you. Those videos are on my Business Facebook Page and also on my website. I mapped out my fall events, participated fairs, and facilitated many workshops. I started seeing clients in my rental. I even wrote a chapter on Sacred Geometry in a book co-authoring collaboration. I was back on my feet.

I was so proud of myself to be able to handle this fire test without causing a scene, until my stability came crumbling down in late August when I learned that the insurance and the restoration companies failed to reach an agreement on the amount of loss after numerous back and forth.

This means that the repair on the house can’t start and that we won’t be moving back by end of October as we thought we would. I was so angry and posted my negative feelings on my personal Facebook page.

Luckily, the universe immediately sent me an angel in the form of a human called friend to help me and started my next course of lessons from this experience. I was so upset with no end date of returning home and very reluctant to listen to my friend. I could have chosen to let my raw emotions continue going downward spiral but something told me that my dear friend was right.

It was not obvious to me but eventually I realized that if I want to make a difference in the world, I must hold myself to a higher emotional maturity level than I used to have. So I returned to seeking help from the divine to find my way back to emotional stability.

It was hard, really hard, to maintain a quiet mind when the resolution on restoring the house is nowhere near. It was even harder to continue to trust that everything will be all right.

More than ever, I practice self-care religiously on a daily basis. It includes writing my morning page to get clarity, connecting with my Akashic Records for guidance, walking to stay active, toning to release fears, meditating with Sacred Geometry to set intention, self-healing to recharge, and eating healthy to feel upbeat. The only focus of my self-care is working on me since I can’t change anybody else.

The more I worked on myself, the more I felt my tolerance, capacity, and perception were stretched. It literally felt like this sensation of being pulled to all directions from the inside to expand and make room for more. It was not quite like the feeling when you blow a balloon but that is as close as I can think of to describe. In a way, it felt something new is being created from the strength and depth of my existence and that I had to be a much bigger person to house this new life.

After a few weeks, I was able to finally detach from the outcome of when we can return home, regain my footing and feel peaceful once again. My clarity returned along with more lessons learned.

The divine only shows us information when we are ready to receive. There are so many clues around us only if we choose to pay attention and see. I came to understand that the effect of my house fire has many folds. The spiritual truth behind the fire is cleansing at all levels. And if I, the person, choose to learn lessons come with the fire, the result is transformational.

It prompted me to reevaluate my lifestyle, relationship, and core values so that I can make changes and space for continuous personal growth. It propelled me to the next level of spiritual maturity through detachment and clarity. It tested my trust in the divine plan and strengthened my divine connection.

By choosing to see those clues given by the universe, I have cleared and balanced a big portion of the karma that I am ready to release at this point, opened up many doors to new possibilities, and built bridges to the next phase of my journey. I am calmer and more centered much more like a different person with deeper internal tranquility.

It feels like many things are being put in place to line up the creation of the journey that I will march forward next. There is a sense of excitement in my body to anticipate something big happen. I give thanks to this blessing in disguise called fire in my house.

It is not my intent to impress you with my story. It is my wish that by sharing with you how I learned to look for the blessing in disguise you will have the courage to do the same.

Love and Blessings to you!