Got Guts for Spiritual Renovation?

I never thought a fire would facilitate a transformational period for me alongside with the process of fixing my house.

It has been a journey of becoming the next best version of me and unlocking my soul’s highest potential at the level that I, the person, am ready for right now. I am forever grateful for this blessing in disguise even though it has not been easy to say the least.

During this period of spiritual growing pain, not only I published my very first book, Your Key to the Akashic Records, I was also called to step up and serve people in a way that results in a deeper and long-term changes. It was very uncomfortable to revamp the way I serve because it is so scary to step up and show up in a bigger way to put myself out there.

As human, we have the tendency of wanting to have control over our life. We want to know if and when we will be successful in doing what we do. We want to know why we are here on Earth. We want to know our purposes in life. We want to know as much as possible about the future so that we feel secured. Even if we are being guided to follow our hearts, pursue our passion, and bring more Light to Earth!

Little did I know, the key to fulfill my soul’s highest potential is simply to live my life and be okay with the unknown. So much energy has been wasted in searching for answers to the uncertainties. So much worry over “Who am I to do this?” has been dragging spirit down.

The only way that I was able to keep moving forward during this period of intensive spiritual shifting was to trust the guidance from my Akashic Records even with all the uncertainties ahead.

One roadblock after another, the process of my house went through several legal phases just as I went through layers of struggling and releasing. Eventually I came to understand and appreciate the power of detaching from all outcomes.

Detaching from all expectation is how we can hold a neutral view moving forward and have clarity always. That was also when the roadblocks were overcome with the insurance company. Was that a coincidence? You all know the answer!

Here is a video that I captured an inspiration from the process of restoring my house.