Trust and Move Forward

Message from the Akashic Records

Back in July, I was facing many decisions. It was difficult to know what to do since the changes I was advised to make by my Akashic Records seemed crazy - it countered my Records’ advice almost one year earlier.

As much as I was keenly aware of the fact that our path continues to unfold as we grow, it was hard to make such changes which, on the surface, felt like I would have wasted a substantial amount of business investment. Even though my heart already knew those were the changes that I needed to make.  

Once again like many times before, I sat in my Records and asked for guidance on what I needed to know to move forward on my journey to fulfill my divine mission. I received the following message from my Records.

I was prompted to share back then but I held on to it until now after my human emotions have processed these big changes in my life, come back in a peaceful place, and gained clarity on the spiritual truth behind these changes.

I hope that this personal message to me from my Akashic Records can be helpful to you.


Embrace the Light in you.

Trust that you are on the right path.

For you have been led to where you are.

You are exactly where you need to be.

You do not need to know the big plan (the big finale in the end).

 For it is all nothing but a “plan”.

 Everything you do, every step you take will enrich the original plan.

For you already surpass what your soul set out to learn in this life time.

Be gentle with yourself.

Show yourself the unconditional love that you have given others.

You are the star in the center of your universe.

Trust and move forward with the courage that you have inspired so many others to find within them.

Know that your journey is yours alone.

You can’t follow the journey of others.

For you all have different roles in this lifetime.

We know it is hard.

We know it can be doubtful.

But when you listen to your heart.

You know all is exactly where it needs to be.

Follow the flow of this river of life.

It will lead you to where you need to be.


At this point, I was shown that I was in a canoe paddling in the river with Light Beings on both sides of my canoe. They were guiding and pushing the canoe straight forward.

Love and Light to you all.

Jiayuh Chyan