Listen to Your Heart

❤️❤️❤️ LISTEN to YOUR HEART ❤️❤️❤️

Four years ago today, I registered my business. Another two months later, I changed my career from being an actuary to teaching the Akashic Records and providing energy healing. 

I had no idea how things would turn out but I knew this is something I “HAVE TO DO” even if it does not work out and I might need to get my old job back.

Today I am living the life that I could never dream of. I am grateful I made that decision which, at first glance, I thought was the craziest thing I had ever done.

“What do I say to my family? Friends?”

“How much money do I need to start my business?”

“What if this is a mistake?”

“Who am I to do this and help people?”

My future was unknown.

I was scared to death knowing nothing about business. 

There was a brick wall to get through the traditional belief that my family and friends hold.

But I took a leap of faith and jumped off the cliff!

❤️ Do you have something you KNOW FOR A VERY LONG TIME in your heart that you just “HAVE TO DO”, even though it is scary, difficult, or does not make practical sense based on the structure of life you live in? 

This feeling is NOT an emotional urge. Nor is it to avoid experiencing life or fulfilling our day to day responsibilities.

It has been percolating in the back of your mind for a very long time but you keep ignoring it because it is not acceptable by people’s judgement.

❤️ However, when you manage to turn off all the distractions and noises from everywhere, quiet your mind, and listen to your heart closely, you can tell the difference!

⭐️ It is an “AWARENESS”. 

⭐️ It is a “KNOWING”. 

⭐️ It is your “SOUL CALLING”

Can you overcome all the fears of unknown, make the leap of faith, and follow your heart?

“What if I fail?” So what! At least you try. Life is about having NO REGRETS, isn’t it?

Making drastic changes in our lives to follow our hearts require tremendous effort and perseverance.

It also requires planning and taking actions. 

Most of all, it requires TRUST.

🙏 Trust that it is the journey of following your heart matters.

🙏Trust that you will be okay even though your future is unknown.

🙏Trust that you are transforming your life no matter what the result is in the eyes of other people .


Love and Blessings,
Jiayuh Chyan