what do you want to do with your one precious life?

It has been awhile since my last Blog. I have been really busy adjusting through many unexpected experiences.

I met my soulmate when I was so sure that relationship is too much work to get involved ever again.

I followed the guidance from my Akashic Records, went to the sacred site Mount Shasta in California without knowing why, and was wildly shakened up facing my inner divine fire.

Then the next step of sharing the wisdom from the Akasha has been shown to me.

All these triggered enormous amount of deep emotions.

Fears, anger, sorrow and unworthiness that I thought I had let go of.

Feelings about abuse, betrayal, and money rooted from past lives that I was not aware of.

Everyday felt like another round of roller coaster that I had no idea where it was going. Then I remembered to lean on my Akashic Records!

🌈  As I vented my confusion on my Akashic Records, I was given INSIGHTS on where these emotions came from, why now, and GUIDANCE on how to navigate through this uncharted path, the spiritual truth of each experience, and the future possibilities resulted from my actions.  

🌈  I was reminded by my Records that I am here now to live this ONE PRECIOUS LIFE. I could choose to play it safe and continue to ignore those emotions that surfaced up from deep within screaming to be heard and healed.

Or I could choose to allow myself to experience each fully, tune into my heart, take actions to heal from them, and live a much more fulfilled life. It felt like a tall order at the time but I chose the latter.

❤️ It took me a long time to transition from one layer of healing to the next. Each layer came with tons of internal struggle, self-doubt, and lots of tears. I sat in my Akashic Records everyday and followed the guidance the best way I can one step at a time.

❤️ It was not easy but I trust my Records as they have never steered me wrong. Then overtime everything unfolded to show me greater meaning of each experience!

❤️ The unexpected happened because I was ready for them. I was ready to become the next best version of me! I was ready to serve people the way I am meant to! Only I needed to be convinced!

With the help from my Records, I am happy to share with you that

❤️ 1) I AM GETTING MARRIED next year. WOO-HOO!!!

❤️ 2) I acknowledged my INNER DIVINE FIRE, stopped hiding from it, and am ready to step up to the plate.
❤️ 3) As the result of 2) I am developing a series of classes that are designed to ACCELERATE YOUR LIFE PURPOSES with an option to become CERTIFIED AKASHIC RECORDS TEACHER.

❤️ Yes they are BIG! Am I scared? Of course! But I refuse to waste my ONE PRECIOUS LIFE here. If I can propel my own spiritual journey while helping others to do the same it is worth overcoming all my fears!

🌈 Fears stop us from moving forward in life. The only way to overcome fears is to face them head on by taking actions even though it is scary!


🌈 Do you want to know yourself?

🌈 Do you want to have peace?

🌈 Do you want to know the spiritual truth behind what’s happening in your life.

🌈 Do you want to raise your awareness so that you can have clarity facing all aspects of life?

🌈 Do you want to move forward in the right direction toward your purposes?

🌈 Do you want to receive information and healing which expand your consciousness and assist in increasing your capacity of compassion for yourself and others?

🌈 Are you interested in my Akashic Records Exploration Certification Program which is the first of the series classes to get you there?

I have been teaching people from all works of life to access the Akashic Records and seeing diverse learning needs. Therefore, my class is very small so that each student can have my personal attention and support. This is why 100% of my graduates are able to access the Akashic Records successfully and communicate with confidence.

Let’s find out if we are meant to work together. You can get started by filling out the form here: book your FREE Application Discussion with me.

Love and Light!
Jiayuh Chyan