Putting Yourself First

A lot has happened since last August! I hope your life changed for the better because of these happenings just as my. 

Two weeks ago I came back from a one-month trip visiting my family in Taiwan.   On the way back, I had to upgrade my seat from Economy to Business Class to rest my swollen feet with infection.   As I settled in the flat-bed seat where I can lie down and keep my feet elevated, stress and worries were lifted. I was relieved that I probably won’t lose my feet to amputation but at the same time I was overwhelmed with the realization that I have never experienced the feeling of focusing on myself 100% until that moment.  

I would never gift myself with this Business Class luxury if it wasn’t because of my medical condition.  I observed how good it felt to take care of myself.  This was just at the physical level.  “Imagine what it feels like if I took care myself at all levels - mental, spiritual, emotional and financial", I thought.  Then I asked myself “Why haven’t you done that?  What would it take for you to do that for yourself?”

This extremely scary situation with my legs was to show me that I have not taken care of myself the way I deserve – I still put other’s wellbeing ahead of my in many incidences.  This is a critical wakeup call to me. I understood that until I take care of myself 100%, I am not ready to move forward with the next level of my spiritual growth.

There is so much I want to accomplish but need to wait now because the Universe is showing me that I have got to take care of my health first!!!  My main focus every day is making sure that I sleep enough, don't skip meals, watch what I eat, and exercise.

Are you putting yourself first? Not a big deal? If not, why don't you think you are worth it?  It is time to figure it out.