Messages from the Akashic Records of Bunny Flat in Mount Shasta, CA

I knew I had to come to Mt. Shasta since December 2017 without knowing why. The wildfire was going on and a concern for everyone while I attended an InterGalactic spiritual retreat last week there. Drawn to connect with the land, I led a group of people and opened the Akashic Records of Bunny Flat. 

Each one of us was given relevant information to our individual journey regardless of the level of the experience in working with the Records.  Nevertheless, there is an overwhelming understanding that the Earth is shifting from the old to the new Earth Grid. 

The wildfire is to release, heal, purify, rebirth, and prepare for the new grid. I am honored to share this video that captured the messages from the Akashic Records of Bunny Flat with you.

Thank you, Patti Eames, Ana Zick, and Yvonne Kraeher for joining me in this profound and beautiful experience!