Guided Meditation in the Akashic Records during Solar Eclipse 2018

A lot of people are aware of the tumultuous changes recently as we are being sandwiched between 2 eclipses (8/7 lunar and 8/21 solar). 

Each eclipse representing an ending of something old and a beginning of something new. Therefore, each eclipse is a signal of a new spiritual cycle.

If you have been in an undesired situation since March 2016 (the last solar eclipse) or 8/7 the latest lunar eclipse then here is an opportunity for you to let go of it and start fresh with the 8/21 solar eclipse.

With this opportunity, old patterns that have been dragging in our life get dug out and brought up to the surface, sort of like an energetic washing machine swirling.

One of the best ways to let go of the old patterns is to be aware of all these craziness that we are going through is just an experience. Whether we like it or not, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth.

To our souls, this lifetime we are in right now is just in the blink of an eye relatively to all of our souls’ lifetimes. It is like one roller coaster ride out of many in a theme park. It is also like one of the countless tourist sites that our souls have visited or will be visiting throughout its journey, all for the purpose of experiencing (oh and grow, of course, we can't forget about that :-)

However, for us humans, it really does not feel good at all when we are in the heaviness, ups and downs, or twists and turns. It sucks big time sometimes. Being human, we can all use some getting rid of old patterns that has been holding us back.

I have been thinking about what I can do to help more people, particularly during this unprecedented difficult time. Meditation came into mind.

In response to the need of inner peace that many of us are seeking right now, I am offering a complementary guided meditation in the Akashic Records on 8/21, Monday, at 12:00PM EST / 9:00AM PST. 

In this guided meditation, I will lead it while I am in the Akashic Records of this meditation group to connect you with unconditional love and help you let go of whatever no longer serves you so that you can move forward in life with renewed and lighter energy. 

You will be releasing and letting go to create an internal transformation just as the sun.