We are all on this journey together.  I hope these videos and/or recordings can accompany you along the way and be helpful to you.

Love and Blessings to you!


How to stay steady in a fast changing world

Spiritual Practice as Self-Care

Self-Care is by far the most difficult thing to do for many people. Particularly for people with great capacity of compassion for others. Lacking consistent Self-Care, however, is one of the main reasons for sluggish progress on our spiritual journey.

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Akashic Records Case Study: Business Growth Decision

Akashic Records Case Study: Speak Up for Yourself 

Akashic Records Case Study: Money Insecurity 

Are you the Black Sheep in the family? 

You are not alone

Keys to functioning in a world of chaos

How to see a blessing in disguise

Book collaboration Interview

Interview for "Essential Healing for Your Spirit and Soul" book collaboration by Dr. Diane Hayden, Publisher, Natural Nutmeg Magazine.

Jiayuh shares her own struggles in life on her spiritual journey in the chapter she wrote for “Essential Healing for Your Spirit and Soul” book as a resource to help people navigate their lives.