Accelerated Life Purposes Study

This is a long term program designed to help you build a strong connection with your Soul, the Akashic Records, the Divine Source, the Mother Earth, and Star Light Beings so that you can accelerate in fulfilling your purposes in this lifetime and propel your soul’s development for all lifetimes.

There is an option to complete additional work to become a Certified Advanced Akashic Records Advisor.

There is an option to complete additional work to become a Certified Akashic Records Teacher.


You must be accepted into the Akashic Records Exploration Certification Program first. Set up a COMPLIMENTARY discussion with me to find out if you are accepted. 

program results

This program encompasses a series of advanced studies in the Akashic Records and multidimensional energy healing. Program results include:

  • Learn and work on past life healing in the Akashic Records

  • Learn ancestor patterns releasing in the Akashic Records

  • Transform your life through the Akashic Records

  • Cleanse and release energetic blocks

  • Remove undesired energetic conditions and programs

  • Activate your Divine blueprint

  • Clear and set energetic boundary

  • Increase the Divine Light transmission capacity in your physical body

  • Raise your vibration

  • Elevate your awareness & consciousness

  • Activate your Sacred Geometry

  • Connect with higher dimensions

  • Turbo charge your spiritual growth

  • Learn to access the Akashic Records with intention

  • Learn to manifest in the Akashic Records

  • Explore spiritual truth in the Akashic Records

  • Learn to do other activities or practices in the Akashic Records

  • Learn to connect with your soul

  • Reach inner peace and contentment

  • Integrate your human ego with the Divine Source

What people are saying

When I started out in the ALPS (Accelerated Life Purposes Study), I was not sure that I was receiving information on the inner, or if it was just my hopeful mind full of imagination. Now, it is over a year later. I daily communicate with Light Beings, Akashic Records, and Angels. They fill me with joy and purpose. I trust them completely. They are agents of the Divine who are constantly trying to help us. They always know what I am doing, what I am thinking. They never judge, just make recommendations that I am free to follow or ignore. I tried many different paths in my life. This is far superior to them. I daily receive inner guidance that is for me alone. I highly recommend ALPS.
— John Foote, Las Vegas, NV