What is the Intergalactics?

The InterGalactics are Higher Beings from from the center of our Milky Way galaxy. They are here to help raise the Earth planet vibration.

We live in unprecedented times that many lightworkers came to the Earth planet with the specific purpose to help others with their healing gifts and knowledge.

The InterGalactics come forward in this time of human history to help lightworkers who are ready to be advanced, do the work, and learn the lessons that were originally planned for the next lifetime.

They help you do the work now so that you can advance faster resulting in accelerating your spiritual path for all lifetimes.

How does Intergalactics Healing work?

The InterGalactics are a form of consciousness. They work with all planes of consciousness - Physical, Etheric, Astral (Mental & Emotional), Causal, Spiritual (Soul, Akashic), and Divine.

This work helps your subtle body consciousness build over time and carry on into future lifetimes even though the result may not show up or make sense in this lifetime.

For example, you might be drawn to learn a certain class but don’t know why. The result is your higher consciousness takes what you learn and expand the wisdom for your future lives but in this lifetime you do not necessary see the result.

WHAT IS THE PREREQUISITE FOR Intergalactics healing?

The frequency transmitted during InterGalactics Healing session is very POWERFUL even for my clients who are experienced spiritual teachers and healers. It can be overwhelming. Therefore, Arcturian Blueprint Activation and Sacred Geometry Activation are required to gradually ease you into the InterGalactics vibration.

What can I expect in a session?

The transmission is done through intention hence hands-on touch is not required.

Everyone’s experience is different. Most people reported that the session was very intense as they felt extremely strong energy working with them. All sessions are done remotely through Zoom video conference using the internet.