Your Key to the Akashic Records: A Step by Step Guide to the Akashic Records

What Other People Think?

This book offers practical understanding of the Akashic Records. It's informative and easy to follow with clear instructions on how to open and communicate with your Records. By doing so you are able to bring the sacred into your day to day life allowing purposeful guidance and direction. I found the Universal Akashic prayer creates reverence and respect while opening the Akashic Records maintaining unity and Oneness. It's truly a beautiful experience.

-- Eaglemoon Raes, Life Alignment Specialist

This book is highly informative and very well written. As a novice in this area I found myself intrigued by the concept of working within the records to access information that can truly help you make a much better life for yourself and others. I love the exercises that actually take you through the process of how to access and work within the Akashic Records. I find this to be truly amazing and am so grateful for Jiayuh's persistent effort to bring this wonderful book to fruition.

-- Karen Gola, Reiki Master Teacher

Your Key to the Akashic Keys is not just a great read - it is a must have. As a healer, i help my own clients connect to their records but I never had anything to send them home with so that they could continue the lesson at home but now I do!

Jiayuh invites you to the world of the records with grace, love and a deep humbleness and respect for the records. She then gently shows you how you can not only connect to them but start to understand what you find. I am excited to have this resource as a recommended read because we all need to understand that the love and answers we seek are within and Jiayuh's book shows you where to find them.

-- Tami Reagor, Holistic Health and Soul Coach

I highly recommend Jiyauh Chayan's book, Your Key to the Akashic Records. The format of the book, with different exercises and meditations build on each other in a clear way and allow the reader/student/practitioner to learn how to begin the process of accessing the records and how to continue moving through the process over time.

I can see how this will greatly support my life moving forward as well as getting to a time when I could offer this service to others in my Energy Medicine practice. Your Key to the Akashic Records is a valuable resource that I will turn to many times in my personal life and in service to others.

-- Lesilie Robinson, CNM, Energy Medicine Practitioner

This book is so powerful in that Jiayuh connects her personal story in an understandable way with the everyday reader. She is a highly intelligent professional who writes as an ordinary person bearing her truth of her experiences on her healing path. She teaches her craft in a straightforward manner packed with love and guidence from the truth of the Akashic records. 

With her work there, she has discovered and shares how this divine energy source teaches us of our reincarnation of our souls journey through time, space and with the heart as the vessel that communicates our inner wisdom to our minds. She peels back these teachings to share that some of the records reveal that not all souls began here on earth. Forerunners in this work such as Edgar Cayce spoke more of lifetimes on earth as did Linda Howe. 

I love Jiayuh's humour and humility with her recognition of how surprising some of the information and concepts may seem from the perspective of main stream thinking. Her experience from teaching and encountering this new information from that of a logical thinker helps the reader get that Jiayuh understands these initial reactions and wrapping your head around the concepts.

Energy healing is the future for mainstream healing and counseling. Open up this book and get ready for a ride that makes the best of this lifetime! Thank you Jiayuh for writing this beautiful book, may all that reads it feel the wisdom it unveils.

-- Maria Kelly, School Psychologist

With a direct, friendly style that belies the depth and profound nature of the information therein, Ms. Chyan has delivered a refinement on the concept of the Akashic Records, acknowledged by professional practitioners and yet serving it in a style that I feel could bring someone who has never heard about the subject[s] up to speed.

Decades of personal study, were crystallized and upgraded in my reading, reinforced by simple yet powerful exercises; the results I got were dramatic, and at the time of this writing, are spilling over into my 'normal' day in a most pleasant/sacred way.

Exercise #4 connected me to a feeling I could only call "candy", and then a deeper reverence in the next part which somehow hinted at the depth of service possible--or what it might feel like, to be of greater service...very enticing. 

The world must truly be ready for quick, profound changes for the better, if the receiving of this book is any indication. Thank you Jiayuh, for your work in bringing this forth!

-- Tom Oliveira, Musician

The work that this author describes in this book is life changing. The material and concepts discussed are not widely accepted or understood by many people, however the book is clearly and concisely written so that Jiayh Chyan makes it impossible to put the book down and go away without knowing this is REAL.

You are quickly mesmerized and drawn into the book as she describes what the using the Akashic Records have done for her personally then are lead from page to page, chapter to chapter with each chapter building upon the previous one and providing a wealth of information on a difficult to grasp subject matter.

As a result of reading this book I now fully understand what the Akashic Records are and how to use them, and I am planning on mediating 15 minutes each day as she suggests which is enough time to open my own akashic records to get a glimpse into what my life's purpose is, get answers to pending questions, heal some difficult past and current issues and change my life for the better. THANK YOU JIAYUH CHAYAN !

-- Yvonne Kraeher

Dear Jiayuh, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for writing the book and for including the information on star seeds. I understand your reticence to put it in the book as it seems so 'out there' for the mainstream but for people like myself it is really helpful to hear others talking about this.

I had a quantum healing session some years ago and in it the past life that came up was in another dimension where all beings were telepathic and had awareness of group consciousness. It was quite a shock to me at the time, I am not generally an 'out there' person if you know what I mean.

I am really looking forward to doing ongoing work with the prayer as given in the book and accessing the records. I have not done this before and generally am only in touch with my intuition and other levels of consciousness in my music and singing. Once again THANK YOU"

-- Esther Danmeri

For those seeking greater understanding of their lives from a spiritual perspective, this book is invaluable.

Ms. Chyan writes with unmatched sincerity and clarity. Her personal story is both honest and inspiring. Disclosing her own doubts along the process will resonate for anyone who seeks healing. She articulates the steps of accessing the Records, through the use of a special prayer and practical exercises. Additionally, there are links to free videos the reader can watch. All the teaching sections are well-written and can be easily followed. Real-life examples provide encouragement and hope to the reader.

This is a book to be worked with and savored, guiding the reader to find her/his path to spiritual healing.

-- Reviewed by Deborah Lloyd for Readers' Favorite

The book is profound, powerful, and takes us to that realm of divinity that exists within us, filling us with peace, joy, grace, and gratitude.

I found the book fascinating and highly interesting as it takes readers to another dimension and a spiritual angle that many of us do not know exist. The book invites readers to change their perspective and allow their inner wisdom to guide them through this journey. The profundity of human life and what exists beyond our thinking is explored through this book, and connecting with their Akashic Records will help readers step beyond their comfort zone and face challenges boldly.

-- Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Your Key to the Akashic Records is a well written book and covers all aspects of this relatively little-known spiritual method.

There are a lot of examples and practice exercises throughout this book and Jiayuh provides a lot of personal anecdotes and experiences, which are very useful in coming to an understanding of this little known art.

This was an eye-opening book for me because until then I had only vaguely heard of the Akashic Records. However, her writing style and the easy flow of the book make this guide easy for a lay person to understand.

Jiayuh’s numerous own personal experiences interspersed throughout the book really provide deeper insight into this process and what to expect. Jiayuh briefly touches on the other medicine energy and healing work she does, but this book is primarily about the Akashic Records and how each person can derive great benefit from accessing them.

-- Reviewed by Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite

Your Key to the Akashic Records: Access Your Personal Spiritual Advisor 24/7 to Fulfill Your Soul’s Highest Potential by Jiayuh Chyan is an exciting, powerful, and inspirational book that offers readers the path to taking control of their destiny, a book that will appeal to those who believe in the Saṃsāra doctrine of cyclic existence, or reincarnation.

In this book, readers will find the secret to accessing their Akashic Records. What would it feel like to have ready access to one’s past memories, not only memories of this existence, but those of past lives? In clear and simple prose, Jiayuh Chyan explains the concept of the Akashic records and moves on to show readers how they can access these records and how to use them to orient their lives towards its purpose and to take control of their futures. 

This book contains powerful Buddhist principles and, although I am a Roman Catholic, I found it exciting. It is easy to dismiss some knowledge as out of place, especially when it doesn’t sync with one’s spiritual and religious upbringing, but here is a book that offers a new concept and that clearly demonstrates its validity.

Your Key to the Akashic Records: Access Your Personal Spiritual Advisor 24/7 to Fulfill Your Soul’s Highest Potential is written in an accessible and popular style and readers will have no difficulty understanding it.

I found the idea of accessing one’s memories from previous lives really exciting and, as I read through the beautiful message in this book, I knew that my life would never be the same again. In this book, readers will find the key to changing their stars and living the life they want.

-- Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

Your Key to the Akashic Records: Access Your Personal Spiritual Advisor 24/7 to Fulfill Your Soul’s Highest Potential by Jiayuh Chyan is a book about a subject that I could never have imagined even existed.

This is a book that will appeal greatly to those who believe in reincarnation and those who want to know more about it. Although I have never given much thought to it, this book opened my eyes in many ways to consider the possibility that I might have lived several lives before, and I am about to find out.

In this book you’ll learn what the Akashic Records are and how they allow you access to your past lives. You will gain understanding on how your past lives affect your present life, and how you can use the knowledge and insights from these records to determine your future. 

This book gives you the means to access the Akashic Records and what to do with them. I loved how it is written; the diction is simple and the author writes in a conversational and accessible style.

This is a groundbreaking work for readers who want to awaken to their spiritual selves, gain enlightenment, and harness their consciousness. It’s a great book. 

-- Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite