What is Arcturian Healing Method?

Arcturian Healing Method is an upper dimensional Light and Frequency channeled through the Arcturian spiritual beings from the Arcturus star system. The Light and Frequency is multi-dimensional and can work on many levels of your energy system.

How does Arcturian Healing work?

You are multi-dimensional beings, both physical and non-physical. The Arcturian Healing Method works on all these dimensions and primarily is functioning first on a non-physical dimensions (emotional, mental and spiritual).

The Arcturian Healing Method can be used on its own or combine with other modalities to enhance the depth and effectiveness of all energy therapy sessions.

Benefits of Arcturian Healing

Arcturian Healing is highly efficient in clearing lower vibrational energy that is caused by conscious or unconscious impact from physical, mental, or emotional stress, imprint, or traumas. It lightens up your being by releasing burdens that no longer serve you for your highest and best good going forward. It is meant to accelerate your personal evolution.

Benefits from the Arcturian Healing Method includes but not limited to are:

  • Stress reduction

  • Physical health improvement

  • Energy system balancing and regenerating

  • Clearing unwanted energy

  • Energy boundary and protection

  • Divine Blueprint Activation

  • Raise vibration

  • Increase consciousness level

What is Arcturian Blueprint Activation

This activation removes conditions/programs that block your Divine Blueprint and instills your will so that you can return to your authentic self and allow your Divine Blueprint to unfold over time.

The conditions/programs referred here could come from experiences in current lifetime, past lives, or inherited from family and ancestors.

Five weekly sessions are required to complete this work.

what is energy clearing & protection

This series removes energy that does not belong to you, restores your energy system, and sets up energetic protection.

This technique can be done for a person or a property.

The unwanted energy referred here includes crystalized thoughtforms, astral fragment, or spiritual beings.

A minimum of six weekly sessions are required for the initial work. Some cases may require more than six sessions to complete the initial work.

Follow up sessions at three months and one year after the initial work are required to complete the energetic protection system. It is your responsibility to remember to schedule follow up sessions.

What can I expect in a session?

In an Arcturian Healing Session, there is nothing for you to do since your only job is to relax and receive.

Jiayuh sets intention of the session for your best and highest good. She then begins to transmit Arcturian Light and Frequency for you. The transmission is done through intention hence hands-on touch is not required.

This high vibrational light can clear lower vibrational energy that is caused by conscious or unconscious impact from physical, mental, or emotional stress, imprint, or traumas. It lightens up your being by releasing burdens that no longer serve you for your highest and best good going forward. It is meant to accelerate your personal evolution.

Everyone’s experience is different.  Most people reported that they felt a state of deep relaxation during the session.  All sessions are done remotely through Zoom video conference using the internet.

What are people saying?

Carol from CT:

I had the MOST AMAZING experience in Jiayuh’s Group Arcturian Healing Circle! I found the timing very interesting as it was “meant to be” at this time, on my path.

I have received many benefits from this Healing Circle, some of which I have not yet discovered but it has truly facilitated a shift within that I am very, very grateful for.

I HIGHLY recommend All of Jiayuh’s offerings and look forward to experiencing more myself! If there was an option of 10 stars I would choose that!!! Thank You, Thank You Jiayuh, Arcturians and Archangel Metatron! Love & Light...Namaste’ C

Karen from CT:

Jiayuh, I can't thank you enough for introducing me to Arcturian Healing.  When I first met you I had severe pain in my neck and hip and scheduled a session with you at a Holistic Fair.

I was amazed when you iimmediately went to the affected areas and completely removed my pain. Not only did you relieve it, but it was gone for weeks.  

You have such a kind, pure mannerism and a good heart.  I would recommend you to anyone who has discomfort of any kind.

Chris from CT:

I have done the Arcturian healing circle and a private session with Jiayuh. Each time I have felt like I was in a completely safe space and could just let go to allow what was intended.

I have had issues with my jaw, shoulder and elbow for quite some time and have tried different modalities to relieve them with only temporary short term relief.

Without even telling Jiayuh about these areas she received messages about what was going on. The healing was not only physical but with the messages she shared with me I was also able to release the emotional reasons behind what was going on.

I love that Jiayuh makes you feel safe and is completely non judgmental, she just passes on the information given to her.

These sessions were one of the best experiences with body work/ healing I have ever had. I would highly recommend this and Jiayuh to anyone that is open to this type of work.

Lynne from CT:

I have received several Arcturian healings from Jiayuh.  Each time I was amazed at the information she was able to receive about my issue!  I could really feel the energy she was channeling move through my body. 

I experienced such deep feelings of peace and calm afterwards.  Her clarity and visualizations added greatly to understanding the origins of the challenge being addressed.  I highly recommend Jiayuh-she is truly a gifted healer!

Carrie from CT:

Jiayuh’s healing center was recommended to me by a friend. I cannot thank that friend enough for giving me my life back. I don’t want to imagine where I would be, what I would be feeling and how I would be living life, if Jiayuh hadn’t come into my life and shared her healing gifts with me.

Jiayuh is calming, reassuring, confident, honest, and caring. I would highly recommend Jiayuh to everyone who wants to experience emotional/spiritual healing! She is amazing! She literally changed my life!! Thank you, Jiayuh!!