Soul Food Recipe - Chicken & Buck Choy

I love to share with you some simple ways to cook Chinese. I call this series of posting “Soul Food Recipe”.  There is no measurement or timing since cooking to me is totally free form.  I will post ingredients and steps in the recipe with photos to get you started.  Let me know how you like this dish in the comment section!

This is the very first Soul Food Recipe post so let’s cover the basic info:

Cooking Chinese requires high temperature. Your best choice of cooking oil is peanut oil. Garlic, ginger, and green scallion are needed in most dishes.

Always turn heat to high first and wait for peanut oil gets hot before you put food in there. High temperature in the beginning will get the wonderful flavor out of ingredients, and then you turn heat down to medium high.

Meat and vegi are always cooked separately first then mix together.

The secret to a good dish is marinating meat and fresh ingredients.

If you prefer very little oil, chances are you will want to have a cup of water ready so you can add it in little by little when it gets too dry.  Don’t put too much water in one shot that will be too soupy.

OK here we go!

Here are snapshots of my buck choy, baby portabella mushroom, chicken dish. Need garlic & green scallion, salt, pepper, baking soda, corn starch for flavor. Now you can do it too!

Step 1 = 2 table spoon of peanut oil, high heat.  Wait for oil gets really hot then put in Garlic & green scallion to get flavor out.  You should hear sizzling sound and smell something really good now.  This step is repeated for buck choy too.

Step 2 = Still high heat, add marinated chicken, turn heat to medium high after 1 or 2 minute after chicken is kind of sealed, then you need to remove chicken from the pan when it is 80% cooked.

Step 3 =  Repeat step 1, then when you smell flavor from garlic & scallion ,  put a dash of salt in first to keep the leaves green, then it is time to put in the Buck Choy.  If it is too try you can add just a little water in this step. Don’t put too much because mushroom has lots of water.

Step 4 = Add sliced baby portabella mushroom to half cooked buck choy.

Step 5 = Put chicken back in the pan, mix all and let it cook for a min or 2 or until to your liking, taste for flavor, add salt or pepper if you need it.  last step is optional = mix water with corn starch in a bowl, then turn heat to high right before you want to remove the food, stir in corn starch mix all over the pan and mix well with food.  This will make all flavors stick to the food better.  Try it out and see how you want to change to your liking!

Ta-Da!!!  Now it is your turn!  Tell us how you do in the comments!