Akashic Records Advice Session

Your soul knows exactly what you are going through and has all the insights and wisdom to help you move forward with clarity and confidence given any situation in life.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic field as a field of cosmic information. The Akashic Records is an energetic recording of all thoughts, events, and experiences of our soul. Since there is no time and space in the Akashic realm, information through all lifetimes, including past, present, and all future possibilities is available. It also contains our soul’s essence and blueprint at inception before being covered up by the experiences and influences of life. 

Why we access the Records - how they can help us?

Talk to someone who has your best interests in mind and is dedicated to serve you for your best and highest good - your soul. 

Long term benefits of connecting with your Akashic Records consistently include Information, Healing, Clarity, Transformation, Elevation of consciousness, Integrated EGO, and Expansion of the capacity of compassion for self and others.

What People are Saying?

How Akashic Records advice differs from psychic reading?

Connecting to the wisdom of our souls is neither mediumship nor psychic reading.  It is not channeling information.  Instead, higher realm consciousness, vibration, and information flow to us and facilitate healing.    

How Akashic Records advice differs from Past life regression?

Our Akashic Records contain information of past, present, and all the future possibilities.  It is not limited to any one particular past life. 

What type of questions get most information?

The Records do not tell us what to do. Instead, they provide us with insights and it is up to us to decide what to do. Accessing the Records is not for curiosity or prediction. Here are some examples of question:

What is my right next step in order to get a promotion?  How can I help my son with .…..? What can I do to resolve the anger against my mom about …..?  Why can’t I speak up for myself? How can I better my relationship with my spouse?  How can I forgive myself about ……? Why am I always in financial trouble?  What is the spiritual lesson that I am supposed to learn from this?

What information do we get? 

Relax! Nothing bad is going to happen. Your soul knows you the best. It knows exactly what you are going through and why you did what you did. Your soul loves you so much and that is why it picked you.

The Universal Light Beings that your soul works with in the Records know exactly the information that is most beneficial for you to receive at any given time and communicate it to you.  We get all the information we need and ready to receive for the present moment and the matter at hand.  What we want is not always what we need and our souls’ wisdom provides what we need for our highest good.

The purpose of connecting with our souls is to provide us with insights so we understand true reasons behind our challenges or issues.  It is not to predict outcomes or tell us what to do. As human beings, we exercise the unique gift we have - FREE WILL - and decide for ourselves after we have the information.

How Jiayuh gets information from my Akashic Records? 

With your permission, Jiayuh will access your Akashic Records with the Universal Aakashic Prayer ©.

The session is a conversation with your soul about the particular experience you like to explore for a specific question.  The conversation helps to find information on the exact match of the experience you want to address.  Very much like typing in the right key words for googling. 

Jiayuh receives information from sensing, seeing, hearing, or knowing depending on your records.  Everyone’s records communicate differently.

Can I bring someone for moral support in the session?

The conversation with your soul is a very personal experience.  Deep healing occurs when connecting with your records which requires no distraction from other people. Therefore, all sessions are private and confidential.     

Do I have to come in person?

No. In fact, all sessions are done through Zoom video conference using the internet. A link will be sent to your after you schedule the appointment. You can join either by video or call in. You can record the session with your own device.

Any thing else I should know?

You must be 18 years old and can provide permission consciously.

Questions will be addressed one at a time to ensure the clarity of information. Depending on the depth and scope of a question, each session can cover between one to three questions. Therefore, make sure you ask your most important question first.

Please write down, for yourself, questions you want to explore in your Akashic Records ahead of time to get the most of your session.

What people are saying?

Niki from UK:

Dear Jiayuh,

Thank you for the most amazing session. The information about me that you were able to tap into via the records was unbelievably accurate. I definitely felt the effects of our session both energetically and even physically both during and after our session - pretty powerful, like nothing I have ever encountered (and I have been searching for answers and solutions for a very long time). I had a list of things I wanted to talk about but the records got straight to the main and most important point - which I would have probably waffled around and even avoided if it was left up to me. Whatever it is you do is the most powerful and seriously effective work I have ever come across - it is not possible to convey this in words. It has to be experienced.

With great appreciation and much gratitude,

Niki (and Grace)

PS. Grace is Niki's past life self who is the key of solving her problem in this lifetime.

Rita from Australia:

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I said Yes to Jiayuh but I was blown away. The insights she shared with me touched me to my very core, and helped me to uncover and release old pain that had been a deep block. Jiayuh is very intuitive, caring and sensitive, direct and open, and has a real gift for what she does.  If you are struggling with an issue I have no hesitation in recommending a reading with Jiayuh. Your soul will be grateful. 

Alise, Akashic Records Practitioner, from Utah:

Jiayuh Chyan is a woman of effusive love. Just being with her brings an energy of joy and laughter to this human experience. In working with her for just a few weeks to enhance my connection with the Akashic Records, my trust in my intuition and the amount of information I am able to receive has increased monumentally. She makes is so dang easy to open up and access your truth. I'm doing things I didn't know possible and am having so much fun along the way. If you are ready for more love, light and truth in your life, Jiayuh is your gal!

Corey from Colorado:

Dear Jiayuh, I just wanted to tell you Thank You, THANK YOU from the fullness of my heart for the Akashic Records reading the other day. I still feel SO free, SO light, SO relieved and back to my HaPpY self! I have missed myself! Lol. 

I have to tell you that I was a bit skeptical going in to our appointment. So many people have given me unsolicited messages from "the other side" that have felt all wrong. I guess because I am able to tap into direct communication with my soul and with Aleisha, I know what a real connection and true message sound and feel like. 

You, my dear, are the real deal!!! 

I absolutely LOVED the toning. I felt such a delicious release through that and it created some much needed space in me to set a sincere and believable intention for my next steps. 

Since our session together, 2 days ago, everything feels fresh, alive and hopeful again. I am able to take confident, mindful action without any clingy, desperate attachment to outcome. Life has become FUN again and I am showing up as the playful self that I love. 

I am SOOOO Incredibly grateful for YOU, dear Jiayuh and your dedication and courage in bringing this message and connection of the Akashic Records to the planet. 

I wish you all the best as you continue to share YOUR MAGIC with the world!!!
Much Love, 

Allie from Arizona:

What Jiayuh got from my Akashic Records is life changing. I am integrating that information now and keep coming to many realizations and epiphanies. I know this is going to heal what needs to be healed so I can move forward in life and actually be genuinely and sincerely happy.

There is no doubt she is accessing the book of life relaying the information your higher self wants you to know because she would not have known that information otherwise.

The whole process was so enlightening and I felt so comfortable in her presence. I can see why Jiayuh was another "chosen one" for the keepers of the records to choose to spread the word that the Records are accessible to everyone.

You can immediately sense her goodness, honesty, and complete love radiating from her. Thank you so much Jiayuh! I will never forget that session! It was absolutely amazing! With much gratitude, love, and blessings.

Kelli, Akashic Records Practitioner, from California:

Working with Jiayuh has helped me find greater freedom and grounding in my work. Whether you already utilize the Akashic Records, are a coach or someone who just wants to understand how to connect with a powerful resource like the Akashic Records, I highly recommend working with Jiayuh. She is an amazing model of what's possible with the Records. She's definitely opened me up to a deeper connection. I have more confidence, understanding and clarity all around.

Definitely reach out to her, you won't be disappointed.

Jane from Wyoming:

I was fortunate enough to have a session with Jiayuh and learned a great deal from her reading of my Akashic records. In fact, I have had a major breakthrough regarding a couple issues I have been dealing with my whole life. I now feel so free from the hold they had on me. I am very thankful for our time together. She is a kind, respectful individual.

Eleanor from New York:

Jiayuh is AMAZING at Akashic Record readings! I had my session with her this afternoon and was floored with how TRUE she is as well as on point and detailed. If you are interested in learning how to do this I am recommending her highly! I cannot say enough how genuine and connected she truly is as well as how she is all about you and not herself!

Astrid from Greece:

Yesterday I was so fortunate to have an Akashic Record reading from Jiayuh. She was able to tell me things that no one knows and also how to proceed to solve my problems. I thank you so much Jiayuh and I can recommend it to anyone who is stuck and need some guidance!

Sara from Colorado:

I had no idea what to expect going into my Akashic Record reading, but Jiayuh made the process so smooth. Ultimately, the thing that stood out for me was this idea of my purpose to bridge the gap between academia and spirituality - and how all of my training thus far was to be able to have the language to communicate in both realms.

It started the process of releasing my "not good enough" feeling, and the feeling I had where I wasn't good at anything or belonged anywhere. Similarly important was this idea that I am already a spiritual being... My reading with Jiayuh broke barriers, and allowed acceptance. Loved the experience

Gloria from Tennesse:

I had my Akashic Record reading from Jiayuh. She was very helpful and on point with the what is happening in my life. She was truly amazing. Make sure to set at least an hour of your time aside to hear all information and to be able to process. Peace and Blessings

Kim from Connecticut:

I have great respect for Jiayuh’s gift as she helped bring me the clarity needed to validate my intuition and to make the changes needed to accelerate my path toward achieving my life’s purpose.

Jamie from Maine:

Jiayuh did a great job of exploring each question to gain a full picture. As a result she was able to answer all of my questions clearly, and also share some additional nuance level perspective about things that I had not fully acknowledged and connected together. This resulted in me stepping away from the discussion better understanding some connections in my own circumstances and work.
Jiayuh is extremely warm, empathetic and accepting. Her presence is soothing and her work for me was exactly what I needed for this moment and as a result was very helpful. Thank you!