Accelerated Life Purposes Study

Are you asking these questions?

💜 Who am I?

💜 What does my heart truly desire?

💜 Can I ever heal from the past?

💜 Why do I have fears and how do I get rid of them?

💜 How can I reach inner peace?

💜 What can help me connect with Divine Light Beings?

💜 What can I do to raise my vibration?

💜 How do I increase my consciousness level?

💜 What can help me accelerate my life purposes?

If any part of the above sounds familiar to you. I can help you find your way!

find the power within

As humans, there is no stopping on learning as long as we are alive! I still have tons to learn about myself on this journey to my heart.

Nevertheless, with all the tools that I have learned, I am able to pick myself up, accept me as who I am, speak my truth, reclaim my birth name, and live the life I love.

I found the power within and left corporate America to pursue my passion of helping people which is why you can see this page.

While withstanding many personal losses including a house fire in the last 2 years, I followed my heart and wrote an international bestseller "Your Key to the Akashic Records" to spread the Light.

I would love to share with you what I have learned and all the tools that have helped me FIND ME AGAIN!

💜💜💜 Would you like to feel your heart full of love and emotions healthy and vibrant?

💜💜💜 Would you like to overcome challenges that you do not think possible?

💜💜💜 Would you like to know what you are passionate about, what you want, and most importantly WHO YOU ARE?

💜💜💜 Yearn to connect with your heart?

I can help!!!

Important Program Requirement

I will be honest that the journey to your heart requires tons of healing and some work.

After all, regardless of the situations, we typically hide behind fears for many years or even decades leading to this critical point that you are facing now .

💜💜💜 All my clients and students are able to connect with their hearts and move forward in life with valuable tools guiding their way.

💜💜💜 The effort is totally worth it!

If you are committed to getting to know yourself again and not afraid of doing some work, I can help you get there!

Set up a COMPLIMENTARY discussion with me to find out how you can get there!